Custom Iron Staircases


Custom Iron Staircases: Chicago

ArtMet Chicago Custom Iron Works specialize in custom made to order wrought iron staircases design. Each and every our wrought iron design is tailored to meet customers requirements. Our specialties are residential custom iron staircases as well as commercial staircase design and installation. ArtMet also work hand in hand with Chicago  home builders who need new wrought iron stair construction services.

Chicago Custom Iron Stairs

The White House, Buckingham Palace, the Vatican Museum in Rome, and the Plaza Hotel in New York City have one thing in common; they all have a glorious grand staircase, and all are custom iron staircases. Nothing brings out true beauty of your home or office like an iron staircase. Make a grand entrance every time you entertain your guests or clients.

Custom Iron Staircases.

Iron staircases are a magnificent piece of artwork meticulously crafted by our expert craftsman and artisans. These pieces of artwork reflect the individuality of their owner. ArtMet Chicago Custom Iron Works will take your vision and turn it into reality. Together our wrought iron designers and engineers will create your next project, be it a new library, or government buildings; no job is too big or too small for our company.
We design iron staircases from the elaborate, detailed, and ornate, to the bold and modern.

Chicago Wrought Iron Stairs

Custom Iron railing and balusters.

Customizing railing and balusters, we have distinctive custom iron metal panels and curved or inclined stairs. We will sit down with you and your architect and create the perfect grand stairs to fit your desires. Choose the color, and style that reflect who you are. Our custom iron experts team will take you through all the steps of installing the staircase with professionalism and patience.
Our custom iron staircases include different metals such as steel, iron, with accents of copper and brass. We also combine our designs with stunning wood treads and handrails giving your home a look of distinction. We make sure all stairs, and handrails fit perfectly. We meet your construction time frame, completing your project efficiently and professionally no detail left undone. Space is very important, and its functionality is crucial, especially in a commercial building. We guide you through the build stage; we understand building codes.

Custom Iron Staircases: safety and strength.

The safety, and strength of your custom iron staircase are very important, and we know what it takes to create a beautiful functioning space.
MetArt works with your budget, making cost effective decisions while keeping quality. If, however, you already have iron stairs in your building, and you are in need of repair, we are able to repair, replace and refinish with our wood and metal parts. From handrails to balusters to treads, we have an impressive assortment of stair parts.

Enhance the beauty of your home with a custom wrought iron spiral or winding stairs.

Look at our custom iron products gallery and see what we have created for our customers, we have imaginative artistic people here waiting to serve you.
Present us with a challenge and we will accomplish it!

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Chicago Custom Iron Gates


Chicago Custom Iron Gates

Custom iron gates- Chicago and Chicago Suburbs

We provide a variety of services from sophisticated high-end metal gates to different kinds of metal, welding and cutting services.

iron gates in Chicago


We look forward to hearing and meeting you in person.

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